Our History

Maruzeki has been designing, manufacturing and marketing Japanese-made wristwatches ever since it was founded in Tokyo in 1999. Our brands—StagTYO, Lov-IN Bouquet, KAORU, Grandeur and Grandeur Plus—are sold in Asia and around the world. We also forge partnerships to create special-edition watches with popular cartoon and anime characters, major Japanese fashion labels, or gaming themes.


Our Foundations

Maruzeki produces watches to suit every demographic, from those seeking the functional basics to those who demand personalized style. Our design process factors in the latest consumer fashions, with wristwatches that incorporate modern styling, design and technology, backed with reliable made-in-Japan quality



Our Design

We harness our collective design capabilities when creating our own brands as well as special-edition watches for our partners. Every watch is designed from the ground up to create an exclusive look while ensuring versatility and comfort. Designers from other industries are also starting to take notice of our styles—a testament to our approach to design excellence.