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icon Repair and Warranty

Repair and Warranty

Repair and Warranty

About Warranty

Repairs will be provided only at the request of the customer.

To obtain a warranty, please bring the warranty card to the store where you purchased the product.

In case you purchased the product on the web or through a catalog, and the date of purchase is not indicated on the warranty card, please be ready with a receipt that shows the contents and date of purchase and contact our customer service.

Application of the Warranty

The warranty applies only to internal malfunctions of the watch. Those can be repaired free of charge.

Even during the warranty period, the following cases will be charged:

・When the warranty card is not presented.

・External deterioration caused by scratches, stains or age-related changes during use.

・Failure or damage due to improper use or carelessness.

・When the product has been repaired or modified by the customer.

・Damage caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, tsunamis, or accidents.

・Replacement of consumables (battery, watch band).

Product Liability Law (PL Law)

Any damage or loss to customers due to our products will be handled in accordance with the Product Liability Law (PL Law).

icon Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance
Please keep the watch clean as it may stain clothing or cause skin irritation if it is left dirty.

Care for leather bands

Please wipe a leather band lightly with a soft cloth to absorb moisture. If you rub it strongly, it may cause the color to fade or lose its luster.

Care for metal bands

Please scrub a metal band lightly with a soft brush to remove dirt. When using water, please be careful not to splash water on non-waterproof watches.

Care for Urethane and Rubber

When cleaning bands made of soft materials such as urethane or rubber, use a diluted neutral detergent to remove dirt. In case of discoloration or alteration of the material, we recommend a replacement for the band.

Care for resin materials

Resin materials such as plastic, polycarbonate and acetate are sensitive to solvents. The surface of the material is soft and easily scratched. Please wipe it dry with a soft cloth to remove sweat and dirt.

icon Batteries



About battery life

The installed battery at the time of purchase is a monitor battery to check the operation and performance of the machine. Therefore, a watch stopped due to the battery being worn out is not covered by the warranty even during the warranty period. In addition, the life of the battery after it is replaced with a new normal battery depends on the specifications (performance) of the machine.

If the battery runs out and the watch stops, please replace the battery as soon as possible.

If a dead battery is left in the watch for a long period of time, it may leak and cause the machine to malfunction.

Battery Replacement

For battery replacement, please contact the store where you purchased the product. If you purchased the product through the web or catalog mail order, please contact our customer support.

Precautions about battery

Please do not remove the battery by yourself.

If you have no choice but to remove the batteries, please keep them out of the reach of children.

If the battery is accidentally swallowed, please immediately consult a doctor as it is harmful.

Please do not put the battery into fire, heat or disassemble it as it may cause rupture, overheating or ignition.

If the battery is left in a place where is beyond normal temperature (5°C to 35°C) for a long period of time, it may leak or the battery life may be shortened.

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How to Store

Watches are made of precision parts. They are sensitive to magnetic fields, temperature differences, shocks, dust, and humidity. Please be careful where to store it.

Do not place near magnetic products or magnets (computers, TVs, audio equipment, smartphones, magnetic health devices etc.)

Do not place the product in places where there are specks of dust or dirt. Please avoid places with high temperatures or humidity.

Do not place the product in places where there are vibrations, high places that it may fall or places where it may be stepped on.

Do not place the product near chemicals, hot spring water, insect repellent etc.

Inquiries about our support

Please use this form for inquiries about our customer support.

We will contact you after confirming the contents of your inquiry.

Please note that we may not be able to respond depending on the type of inquiry.

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