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“A Watch that Awakens the Senses”

“KAORU," the watch series with a healing aroma, is now available in digital watch form for the first time.

The beauty found in simplicity is considered a characteristic of Japanese culture, known as the "sense of the beauty of empty space”. The idea is to leave room for the viewer's imagination by filling the empty space with poetic sentiment and lingering impressions.

The refined design, leaving only the necessary functions, delights the senses with the texture of materials, delicate color schemes, and aromatic scents. It is a perfect fit for a wide variety of fashion styles that will continue to expand.

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Lemon – A fresh and bittersweet citrus aroma

Lemons are an evergreen tree native to India and a long-time favorite citrus species that has spread to a variety of hybrids. It`s a fruit that is widely used for food, as well as enjoyed as an ornamental tree in potted plants. In ancient times, it was used to prevent meat and fish from spoiling, as an antidote for food poisoning, and as a repellent against insects and insect bites. Thus, it is a familiar aroma that has permeated people's lives. It`s a refreshing aroma that is said to refresh the mood, improve concentration, and calm the mind. It`s a sour aroma that is expected to stimulate saliva secretion, promote digestion, and stimulate circulation to improve blood circulation.

Lavender – A calming floral scent that soothes the soul

Lavender is a typical herbal fragrance in aroma goods. It is said to balance the autonomic nervous system by making the parasympathetic nervous system dominant. Thus it reduces stress and anger and is expected to have a deeply relaxing effect. In ancient times, lavender was bathed in a bathtub as a treatment for wounds. Lavender is also said to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antiseptic properties. This makes it a popular aroma for use in beauty and anti-aging products. (Please consult a physician before use if you are in the early stages of pregnancy or have low blood pressure.)

Hinoki - A clean and majestic woody fragrance

Hinoki, an ancient Japanese aroma, was discovered as a scent to be worn as far back as 1,300 years ago. It is said to be in Japan's oldest book, Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters), and was also used in important buildings for its moisture and insect repellent ability. The tree's deodorizing and mothproof properties also make it useful for mothproofing clothing, and it has been used in furniture as well. The fragrance, which reminds one of taking a forest bath, is reminiscent of cypress baths and shrines and temples. This nostalgic aroma, rooted in culture, is both refreshing and relaxing at the same time, and will energize your tired mind. It is also said to promote blood circulation and is good for reducing cold and swelling.

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The digital watches used in this project were first created in Japan in the 1970s. The once popular "digital watch" has become "retro." However, a new retro boom has been reborn for a generation that did not know of digital watches. They are now being welcomed by the sensibilities of a new generation. This aroma watch, which connects different aesthetic senses and values across time, is a model that will accompany the modern lifestyle of the future.

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Seven functions with two buttons

(1) Time (hours, minutes, seconds)

(2) EL light

(3) Second time

(4) Stopwatch

(5) Calendar function (date, day of week)

(6) Alarm ① Timer

(7) Alarm ② Reminder (once per hour)

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Package Design

The package design matches the design of the KAORU Aroma Watch Digital

It has a more sophisticated design retaining only necessary functions.

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Specifically Processed Strap

The fragrance emitted by KAORU comes from a specially processed strap.

Flexible texture

The supple texture gently envelops the skin as if expressing the delicacy of the Japanese.


Product Name KAORU Aroma Digital Watch

KAORU010DB(Black/Lemon scent)

KAORU010DG (Gray/Lavender scent)

KAORU010DI (Ivory/Cypress scent)

Functions Time (hours, minutes, seconds) / EL light / Calendar (date, day of week) / Second time / Stopwatch / Alarm (timer/reminder)

Material Watch body: Aluminum / Buckle: Stainless steel / Band: Silicon / Windshield: Mineral glass

Water resistance: 5 atm

Movement: LCD module

Product size Body: approx. 45x39x10mm / Band width: 18mm / Approx. 14~21cm

Country of origin Made in Japan

Warranty period 1 year

Accessories A dedicated cosmetic box, instruction manual, and warranty card

Retail price JPY 11,000 (JPY 12,100 including tax)