Are you a real denim lover? Then do you know of Persimmon dye denim (a.k.a. Kakishibu denim)? 

Since ancient times,persimmon dye had been used as a paint for the daily life objects such as, umbrellas, uchiwa, furniture, fishing nets, sake bags, etc. Nowdays, this dye has become popular among the denim fans as a clothing and accessories material.

Not forgetting that the kakishibu dye is not only one of the first denim dyes to come into existence, but it also has this charismatic air around it. The dye itself has a vintage vibe, that no denim lover can deny it. It must be mentioned that the combination of kakishibu dye and the Japanese chronograph movement is just hard to resist. Also, if you are a denimhead, wear this watch and enjoy the fades :)