A proposal is a very important life stage for everybody. Their married life together starts from receiving the ring. Every lady has dreamed of what her dream engagement ring would look like. Does it have a diamond or a birthstone? Is the ring made of silver, gold, or platinum? These questions pop up in the head of every girl who imagined her wedding at least once. These dreamy thoughts gave birth to the Lov-In Bouquet watch series that characterizes an engagement ring. 

The bracelet design is inspired by the ring frame. Delicately slim, with elegant work on the frame, the watch gives off the feeling of elegance while maintaining the modern style. The case and the dial are designed to appear like a diamond with its concept of brilliance and dignity.

The design is made to match formal attire.
Be that a date, formal event, or a business meeting, this watch would become the jewel that accentuates the style.