LVB136C - A watch that commemorates spring season


As winter snow starts to melt, and new sprouts start to show from the frozen ground, this moment marks the beginning of spring. There are many poets and artists who love to quote the coming of spring in their artworks due to its colorful nature.

Similarly, the Four-Leaf Clover watch represents the start of spring itself. Reminding us of the natural beauty of the spring season and the experiences that come with it.

The watch consists of snowy white flower petals mixed with the spring-time four-leaf clover motif and wrapped in the apple skin leather, a perfect portrayal of Spring right on your wrist. In addition, every flower is hand-picked and crafted by hand, so there is no dial that is identical to another. This feature makes the watch feel warmer and unique than mass-produced watches. Feel the slight warmth of hand-made products and the positive energy of the spring vibe with this watch.

What’s your ideal Spring watch?☺